The Golden Ears Angels



Addison (12 yo) was found on the side of the road nearly dead.  

This sweet girl only wanted to be loved and followed her Mother every where she went.  Addie made quite a few human friends during her short time with the Pack.

Unfortunately, Addie never really could kick the infection she had when she arrived and peacefully passed away in her Mother's arms in April 2018.



Grey (12 yo) was pulled from the county shelter after his foster mom saw a photo of him online.  It was love at first sight.  Grey loved walking the property and begging his foster mom for treats.

Riddled with arthritis and (we suspect) cancer, Grey left us in July 2018.



Pumpkin (15 yo) was found as a stray and brought to the county shelter.  Due to an infection, her eye had to be removed.    She also suffered from massive mammary tumors which required two labor-intensive surgeries.  This little girl was a joy to have in the house.  She enjoyed stealing all of the toys and guarding them in her bed.   

Pumpkin passed away in December 2018.




Sophie (17 yo), The Pack's matriarch,  was FULL of moxie!  She was blind, missing her lower jaw and had mobility issues - none of which prevented her from running the house.  One early Saturday morning in February 2019, Sophie peacefully passed away in her Mother's arms.



 Dora (10 yo) - joined The Pack in August 2018 - found as a stray in Pasco Co. with a fairly significant heart condition.  Dora enjoyed spending time with Kai (the Foster Mom's dog) and sunning on the property to warm her old bones. Sadly, one day in May 2019, her heart condition turned fatal and Dora peacefully passed away.  Her frosty face is truly missed.



Violet (16 yo) arrived in July 2018.  Surrendered deaf and blind, her owner suffered from dementia and sadly, Violet was neglected.  She was the most gentle soul in the Pack.  On September 23, 2019, Violet suffered a massive seizure which began the shutting down of her body.  She was in her Momma's arms when she peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 



 Teddy (8 yo) arrived in September 2019 following a local shelter's last call plea.  This handsome guy arrived with a massive cancerous tumor on his rear-end and a small one on his cheek.  Following the removal of the masses, Teddy became severely anemic.  The  suspicion was cancer.  Teddy was with The Pack for nine days before the decision was made to let him peacefully go.   He had the most gentle personality and will be greatly missed.