The Golden Ears Pack



Wilson (14 yo) is the quiet type.  He is blind but that doesn't stop him from exploring his world.  He enjoys having his face gently rubbed.



Rocky (approx 14 yo) joined The Pack in November 2018 after being surrendered by his owners to the local shelter.  This gentle giant's favorite thing is having the top of his tail scratched...all the time!



Cole (approx. 10 yo) joined The Pack in December 2018 - just days before Santa's arrival.  Cole is deaf with limited sight.  He arrived in pretty sad shape and in desperate need of a dental cleaning.  Cole has a great personality and enjoys following the chickens living on the property too.



 Charlie (14 yo) joined The Pack in January 2019.  Weighing in at just under 5 lbs, this little man is      S-P-O-I-L-E-D.  Charlie enjoys one fresh scrambled chicken egg for breakfast and often joins his Mother at the office where he continues his favorite sport...napping! 



 Sparky (15 yo) joined The Pack in March 2019 because his owner no longer wanted to care for him.  Timid at first, Sparky did not want to leave his bed.  With lots of love and encouragement, he now walks around the house and has a keen sense of hearing evidenced by his arrival in the kitchen when The Pack's meals are being made. 



Nala (14 yo) joined The Pack in May of 2019.  Found as a stray in Pasco Co., this ol' beauty suffers from a multitude of health issues - including tumors, arthritis and horrible dry eye.  She enjoys nudge sessions with her momma...especially before bed. 



Charley (15 yo) joined in The Pack in August 2019.  Surrendered to the sanctuary by his owners, Charley is a delight to have in the house.  He spends most of his time napping with his momma at her office and barking when he hears a meal being prepared.  Charley does have a significant heart murmur and suffers from severe dry eye.



Mona (9 yo) is our resident ray of sunshine!  Our short-squatty girl originally arrived in the house as a "foster."  However, because of her various health issues - we felt it was best to keep her in the Sanctuary where her health issues would be closely monitored and controlled.  Her monthly medication alone is $150.00.  Mona was officially welcomed into The Pack in October 2019.

Annie Olivia


Annie Olivia (14 yo) arrived at the Sanctuary in October 2019.  The Sanctuary Founder was at the local county shelter the day when Annie was surrendered. While this beauty has some skin issues and has had a few too many litters of puppies, she has a beautiful personality and has proven to be extreme gentle and smart.  It is wonderful to have her in the Pack where she can now enjoy her golden years!

Birdie Mae


Birdie Mae (est. 13 yo) joined the Pack in late October 2019.  When her owner passed away, she was discovered in a hoarding situation with 25 other dogs.  Birdie now lives in a positive Pack environment and making great strides.  Her favorite thing is to sit in her Momma's lap and nap!